How to ask a girl out.

The first impression you portray to a potential soulmate leaves an everlasting impression. As a man, the society has been fair enough to give you the privilege of taking the first move.

However, making that triumphant approach to a woman requires courage and seductive skills. Most importantly, the seductive language has not evolved much since time immemorial. Our forefathers did the same and nothing much has changed ever since. In short, the laws of attraction are universal.

Having grasped this concept, you need to spice up your game, polish your language and adjust your manners a little bit and all your relationship desires will be fulfilled.

To achieve your objective, you need a brief insight on how to go about. But always remember to tread carefully lest you find yourself stuck at the deepest end of the pool.

Here, are a few tips to land your dream date.

Do Some Research To Know if She Is Available

The first step to invade your enemy’s territory is to carry out a reconnaissance. In this case, your dream-girl is not your foe but a friend in waiting. Therefore, you need to source out any valuable information regarding her status. You need to know if she is dating someone or rather married.

By so doing, you will be saving yourself the agony of a heart-break and a broken jaw at the same time. Her man or husband will not take it lightly for an intruder trying to put them asunder.

This is the reason you need to find out more about your potential girlfriend.

Find Out Her Interests

This is a very vital step because it will point out clearly what you share in common. In fact, it is pointless going out with someone you are not compatible with. The ramifications of incompatibility might be too grim to bear.

In fact, the consequences could be catastrophic and you may end up bearing the burden of embarrassment for a long time. Having outsourced the information regarding what she likes and what she does not like will give you an idea of how to make an approach that will not be fruitless.

Make Sure the Venue for Your First Date is Conducive

Everyone has a price-tag, so does your potential girlfriend. Depending on your financial status and taste, choose a spot that will not only appeal to her but to both of you. It could be a cinema, a restaurant or at a public place all you need to do is to make sure she is in agreement with whichever venue you choose.

Another point of importance is that you can give your date a surprise by taking her to her favorite spot. Of course, you are expected to have sourced enough information concerning her interests and likes.

Also, it is advisable to take your date to a place that you can manage. Don’t strain yourself by trying vehemently to fit in a class that is eons away from you. Otherwise, both of you may find yourselves in a precarious situation that you didn’t expect.

On the other hand, the kind of venue you choose will determine a lot about you. To be on the safe side, do some homework before taking your girl out.

Make sure you are Well-Groomed

Nothing fascinates a woman like a man who knows how to look after himself. Ever wondered why male characters in Mexican Soaps stand out? Well, if you don’t, it is time you changed your wardrobe, hairstyle and the type of cologne you wear. Elegance is the right terminology that should always linger in your mind whenever you are planning to take your girl out.

A good hairstyle will cost you less but the outcome might be something to smile. The choice of what you dress on a date is of great concern. Women love men who know how to dress.

Whether it is official or casual, looking smart is out of the question. Remember to match your pair of shoes with the attire you adorn. There is a common saying, “you can tell a character of a man by looking at his shoes”.

Let what you wear define your well-being in a positive way. Finally, include a wristwatch to compliment your outfit. The inclusion of a good wristwatch will serve the purpose of making you appear classy and professional.


“Fortune favors the bold.” Your courage is the only weapon at your disposal. When approaching a girl that you have been admiring secretly, you need to be confident.

However much a woman may appear sophisticated, your boldness will take her by surprise. The next step is to introduce yourself in a gentle manner and strike a conversation that you are sure she will be interested in.

Choose your words carefully because your verbosity is a reflection of your intelligence. A sense of humor comes at no cost and by making her laugh eases the tension between the two of you.

A few flattery expressions won’t be harmful but will make your target feel good and gain some confidence in her. It is a sign of appreciating what you have been yearning to meet.

Don’t Beat About the Bush

Once you have engaged her in a conversation, choose the right time to state your objective. According to the popular West African adage,” if you hang around a beautiful woman without stating your intentions, you might end up fetching water for the guests on her wedding day”.

Definitely, you don’t wish to perform such errands on her wedding day. Look her in the eye and state your intentions with confidence. A stitch in time saves nine.

Buying time is likely to make her lose interest and you may stand a painful rejection later when you try to state your intention of asking her out.

Make a follow-Up

Even if though she might have said yes, it doesn’t mean you sit back and massage your ego. You need to keep your objective real by constantly communicating with her and creating enough time for each other.

We all know, “out of sight out of mind”, so, don’t make your dream woman feel lonely or else someone else will fill that void you left behind.

Therefore, it takes two to tangle, get your courage, look good and approach your dream date cautiously keeping in mind all that we have discussed above.

Perhaps, it is your lucky date!

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