Horoscope July 2019

We are going to define the first half of the month of August by using the terms scorching, summer-loving energy! As a matter of fact, it is likely that you will be having a fantastic time out there with somebody special. Despite the fact that you might not be in any particular relationship with somebody, there is every possibility for you to do something which provides you with immense happiness. Moreover, your resourceful drive will come to life as well. All these are because of the Sun, Mars, and Venus traveling via Leo. Interestingly, Venus is going to trine Jupiter on 8th August, and the Sun is going to conjunct Venus on 14th August. At this time you will have nothing but a grin on your face. These days will be full of romance, happiness, and fun. On 15th August, a Full Moon in Aquarius will make you aware of things which are larger as compared to you as well as your internal circle. You might react to a social or political issue sensitively and also make a decision of taking part in implementing vital modifications which will make a significant difference as a whole.

Following this, Mars is going to move into Virgo on 18th August and, your vitality focus will be more fruitful, rationalized, as well as analytical until 4th October. You’re going to become a workaholic on steroids since you simply will not like to take any rest until you have accomplished everything. Moreover, you are going to perform it flawlessly with Virgo vitality in the mix.

On 21st August, Venus is likewise going to move into Virgo and stay there through 21st September. Although she is going to make you somewhat sensitive in heart stuff, it will be a sensible idea to be selective at times. Nevertheless, any individual out there can deserve your affection; it is somebody special who needs to earn it.

Are you searching for a new job or do you want to begin a fresh health routine? Set your target for the New Moon in Virgo on 30th August.


Monthly Horoscope for Aries

21st March to 19th April

The stars will be busy in the month of August conspiring for you to have a great time which happens to be Aires! Venus, the Sun, as well as Mars (who happens to be your ruler) will be lining up in your 5th House of Happiness and Romance until 18th August. On 8th August, Venus is going to be at a fabulous trine to Jupiter and following this, Venus and the Sun will be embracing in your 5th house on the 14th. This particular celestial lineup is concerned about being bestowed with blessings in the form of adoration and anything which provides you with happiness. This might likewise be linked with your connection to your kids or figuring out that you are going to become a parent. In case you are dating somebody, you will fall in love with each other from the core of your heart. And in case you are still single, there is every possibility for you to tie the knot with the commencement of the month. On 18th August, Mars is going to move into your work segment and this will be followed by Venus on 21st August. It will bring about a significant change in energy during the second half of this month; and although you will be starting to work with full vigor, it will make you extremely elated whatsoever.

Keywords for Aries for the month of August: love, work, happy, productivity, health, romance, pleasure, fun, creativity, children

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus:

20th April to 20th May

With the commencement of the month of August, you will be leading an astounding lifestyle in your personal domestic world, Taurus. It might also be a prudent idea for you to welcome a new child or pet into your residence during the month’s initial half which will make you even happier.

On 8th August, Venus is going to be at an ideal trine to Jupiter, which is at present in your Shared Resources’ 8th House. It is highly possible that you will be able to benefit significantly from the finances of any of your family members, like receiving a significant financial gift or an inheritance.

Apart from this, career news will likewise be exciting having a Full Moon at the summit of your chart on 15th August. You might obtain a special award or honor or you might even be in the spotlight for a profession which is linked to technology.

Nevertheless, the actual excitement will be starting on 18th August. Mars is going to get into your romance segment on this very day, followed closely by Venus on 21st August. On 24th August, both of these “celestial lovers” are going to embrace in flawless conjunction whilst likewise being immaculately trine Uranus in your personal sign from 26th August to 28th August. In case that is not enough, a magnificent New Moon is going to land in the identical area of the chart on 30th August. There will be 100% love in the stars.

Keywords for Taurus for the month of August: domestic bliss, career pinnacle, financial gift, family love, love

Monthly Horoscope for Gemini

21st May to 20th June

You have got a way with words in the initial part of the month, Gemini. 8th August should be targeted by you for sealing a vital contract with any person or for signing an important agreement. This union will be blessed by a fabulous trine between Jupiter within your relationship segment and Venus within your message segment. On 18th August, Mars is going to rush into your residence as well as family segment and will want to become engaged immediately on a property renovation or any other comprehensive project. It might even motivate everybody within your community to become healthy cohesively. On 21st August, Venus is going to get into the identical region of the chart while inducing you to shell out cash for making your property look attractive. However, make sure not to spend a considerable amount of cash at this point!

On 11th August, Jupiter is going to turn in your partnership segment directly thus interfering with your love life and this will imply moving in the forward direction once again when it comes to blessing between you and your partner. You will be having 100% faith in terms of your love relationship. You might likewise be provided with an exclusive present midmonth by your mate. You are going to adore it!

Keywords for Gemini for the month of August: beautiful words, charmer, home renovations, contract, creative mind, relationship expansion

Monthly Horoscope for Cancer

21st June to 22nd July

You are going to generate lots of revenues, Cancer! On 8th August, Venus will be the ideal trine in your earned income segment to expansive Jupiter, at present within your work segment. A side hustle initiated by you just for enjoyment can transform into a profitable gig in the long run. Following that, on 14th August, Venus and the Sun are going to embrace within your generated income segment. You are going to generate more cash by using your creative abilities all the more. It is as simple as that. Moreover, you will become even more economically sound given that you are quite self-assured regarding what you need to offer this world.

On 15th August, a Full Moon within your 8th House of resources will allow you to pay out any significant debt that you might have. It can be just about anything ranging from student loans to mortgage.

The takeaway: It is gone.

When it comes to your romantic life, the Full Moon can also help you to satisfy your erotic desire with your partner. Every ingredient is available to you for experimenting with something nontraditional within your bedroom along with your mate while feeling gratified for that too.

Keywords for Cancer for the month of August: creative talents, cash, confidence, value, erotic, debt free, sex, freelance, taboo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo

23rd July to 22nd August

In your sign through 18th August between Venice, the Sun, and Mars, you’ll be getting astounding vibrations which will provide you with immense happiness and joy. On 8th August, Venus is going to be at a perfect angle to the fortunate Jupiter, which is at present within your romance segment. It will be possible for you to feel the love from any person you have been dating during this time and, in case you have your birthday coming up, you can always expect to receive lots of attention as well as a fabulous presentation! On 14th August, Venus and the Sun are going to connect providing you with lots of satisfaction than what you had before. Following this, a Full Moon on 15th August within your partnership segment will indicate that you have received everything that you would have ever desired that is concerned with the heart. Indeed, Leo, you have fallen in love!

According to one more information, following 21st August, it appears like you have got lucrative economic opportunities on your way because of Venus moving within your generated income segment. It appears that you’ll be having substantial financial gains all of a sudden on or around 26th August. A New Moon on 30th August within your generated income segment will imply that it will give you better results by rolling into September. Nice!

Keywords for Leo for the month of August: playfulness, romance, sex, joy, fun, happiness, love, money, dating

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo

23rd August to 22nd September

For the initial part of August, it seems like you are totally undercover – cannot be reachable. All these by design; in any case, you are not someone to perform something without analyzing carefully. It might be required for you to optimize a significant opportunity which is linked to a real estate or home matter and you will become engaged while performing this in the background. It really appears to pay off in a remarkable way close to 8th August while Venus is going to make a fantastic connection to Jupiter.

As soon as 18th August strikes, everything is going to change whatsoever. Mars is going to move into your personal sign and, all of a sudden, you will revive your stamina as well as the will carry on in your life once again. You will become hungry for attaining any specific objective which will need 100% accuracy, and you are going to succeed. On 21st August, Venus is going to move into Virgo which will add to the mix as well. Imagine, these two “celestial lovers” in your personal sign making an impeccable embrace on 24th August – this simply signifies a great love life for you! On 30th August, a New Moon in your sign will enhance your ability to commence writing the subsequent episode of your life. Try to make this a page-turner!

Keywords for Virgo for the month of August: New start, discreet, secret lover family secret, private, sexy, real estate

Monthly Horoscope for Libra

23rd September to 22nd October

The month of August is going to be extremely double-toned in its disposition for you, Libra. The month’s initial half will be full of social delights due to the fact that the Sun, Mars, as well as Venus, will be dancing through your 11th House of Networking and Groups. On 8th August, Venus will come at an ideal angle to the expansive Jupiter which is within your message segment right now. You might be delivering a speech or any other presentation which will make the audience ecstatic. One more possibility happens to be the fact that you are going to enjoy a fantastic holiday with your buddies. There is a huge possibility that you’re going to feel like a romantic dream turning into reality during this month. As a matter of fact, on 15th August while your genuine love segment is going to be illuminated by a Full Moon, you as well as your partner might very well comprehend the intensity of love which both of you share.

After 18th August, however, you might feel all of a sudden that you need repose after celebrating and partying excessively. Mars is going to move into your personal 12th House of Escape and it will stay there until 4th October. Respect the need for a private timeout.

Keywords for Libra for the month of August: dreams love, fulfilled, friends, mini vacation, trip, dating, rest

Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio

23rd October to 21st November

While you will sustain your profession during this month, there can also be exceptional gains for you during the initial half of August. On 8th August, Venus is going to be at the summit of the chart making a flawless connection to Jupiter, which happens to be the planet of fortune, now within your generated income segment. In fact, this will not be the end of the cash generation and you’ll be enjoying a significant financial bonus on this very day as well. Nice!

There is also a possibility for you to receive a special award or honor on 14th August for your professional accomplishments thanks to fabulous Venus-Sun conjunction at the summit of the chart. However, your focus will turn rapidly to your family matters the subsequent day because of the fact that your home, as well as the family segment, is going to be lighted up by a Full Moon. You can always expect news from your opportunities, something which might surprise you.

When it comes to love and connections, it will be heartening to know that unpredictable disorder might go away for a bit. Uranus, which happens to be the planet of any sudden modification, is going to become retrograde in the partnership segment on 11th August. Although any unusual behavior depicted by a partner might not disappear, you will have some scope as well as time for adjustment.

Keywords for Scorpio for the month of August: promotion, award, family drama, relationship calm, money, raise, honor

Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius

22nd November to 21st December

It might be the fact that Jupiter is passing through your sign, and for this reason, you have experienced significant personal development. However, Jupiter has been moving retrograde during the last few months that might have reduced the momentum with which you had been going on within your personal world. The good thing is that Jupiter will be turning direct on 11th August, and continue to move ahead in full steam all the way through 2nd December. Make use of your power to optimize your opportunities fully that will come on your way. On 8th August, Jupiter is going to be at a fabulous trime to love Venus. You will be enjoying an incredible romantic relationship with somebody you are dating at the moment!

Keywords for Sagittarius for the month of August: confidence, luck, expansion, growth, blessings, career boost, faith, soulmate, entrepreneurial

Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn

22nd December to 19th January

In August your economic condition will improve significantly. You can always expect a fabulous gift from an unknown individual out there. There is no reason to worry given that it won’t be for any negative purpose. However, it might make you elated in the long run. Moreover, on 15th August, a Full Moon is going to land within your generated income segment. Even though you might feel rather jittery at first because of these economic insecurities, you will be able to control yourself eventually.

In terms of love, you might thank yourself for some sort of calm following a significant turmoil which is taking place since the middle of May. Uranus will go retrograde within your genuine love segment commencing 11th August. This will enable you to marinate as well as process all the abrupt alterations that have occurred in your love life.

Keywords for Capricorn for the month of August: unusual talents, financial blessing, money, hidden benefactor, romantic excitement, secret gift

Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius

20th January to 18th February

This month, lots of things might be happening in your relationship department. On 14th August, your partnership segment is lighted up by a conjunction between Venus and the Sun, and in case you are in a romantic relationship with somebody you have some reason to be happy. Your partner will do everything to make you feel as if you are the most fortunate individual on earth and you are responding to all these affirmations with an expanding heart. On 15th August, a profound emotional awareness about your feelings regarding your relationship will be signaled by a Full Moon within your sign. Luckily, the able support received by you in your relationship segment will make you feel like you are becoming comfy eventually with all the emotions provided to you by your sweetheart.

Keywords for Aquarius for the month of August: sentimental, family gift, emotional awareness, family money, feeling love, validation, valued

Monthly Horoscope for Pisces

19th February to 20th March

Your work atmosphere is going to become comfier in the month of August, Pisces. Apart from enjoying a 100% peace of mind between you and your coworkers, you will likewise experience promotion in your profession or any other type of advancement in your occupation. On 8th August, you might experience significant professional prosperity, and on 14th August, fantastic Venus-Sun conjunction within your work segment signals substantial pleasure and happiness in your work. You will be enjoying the work done by you out there, or you will be madly in love with your coworker at your workplace.

On 24th August, the celestial lovers namely Mars and Venus are going to unite within your partnership segment. You might likewise make the decision to commence working on a marketing project cohesively. It is going to succeed in the long run.

Keywords for Pisces for the month of August: office romance, career fulfillment, job opportunity, business and pleasure, business partner, productive passion

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