March 2019 Horoscope

Are you curious to know what the March 2021 Horoscope has in store for you this third month of the year 2021? Everything is in the cards.


Aries, it’s time to travel and visit new locations. This month will see your horizons broadening, with plenty of new opportunities that could add up to a very prosperous chapter for you. Start thinking of purchasing a new pair of shoes in March. This is because you’ll always be on the move, especially with spring knocking on your door. In March 2021, you’re also encouraged to forget about being shy and start looking for a new company and friends. The sanctified bundles of photon beams curtailing from the nearest star will be able to recharge and revamp your exhausted mental batteries.

March will also see Aries excel at work. You’ll be able to handle more tasks compared to normal days, and you’ll be able to take the lead and overcome obstacles in this month. Although all these might be accompanied by some frustration and irritability, it’s all about taking everything slowly, with one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the brake. By the end of spring, all problems will be resolved, and you’ll be able to use your desire to manifest a new reality.


According to this month’s horoscope, it’s time for Taurus to get out of the comfort zone. As a Taurus, you will undergo a dynamic trend of transformation that may unsettle your senses. It’s now the ideal time to change your hairstyle. You can change your color, shade, length, shape or even everything about it! But keep in mind that hairstyle doesn’t change one’s mind. The horoscope also predicts that Taurus will find new solutions to old problems, particularly those emotional and heartbreaking problems.

This monthly horoscope also focuses on career, with lots of new projects in the visionary stages. Taurus will receive blueprints and the big picture, for massive projects. You’ll need your talent to build, beautify and stabilize several projects as the month unfolds.


For Gemini, March may seem tough at first, with delays in finances accompanied by lots of frustrations, but don’t worry, you’ll be able to resolve all these problems as the month unfolds. But don’t despair. On the other hand, our horoscope sees Gemini improving his/her ability to get by with the complex world around us. In March, Gemini will find comfort from love provided by family or friends.
Career-wise, a personable and easy-going style will take you places in terms of career development. You can tap exciting opportunities in your career by using your strong communication skills. This month’s horoscope also states that Gemini will have lots of personal pleasure, which will come as a result of honest and noble work, irrespective of occupation type.


Cancer, March 2021 is the best time to stretch your back and spine. Don’t quit whenever you feel tired! Instead, slow down, assess your direction, implement the right decisions and find comfort in contemplation. Also, curb frustration by learning to release what isn’t worth keeping. You should also take care of proper sitting positions when using a computer, invest in a good mattress and above all, start exercising regularly.

Career-wise, it’s time to use the New Moon to activate your strong intuitive skills and act straight with your decisions. Don’t bend your rules to impress others. Your hard work and persistence will pay off in the long run. You will need your self-confidence and the need to defend your own opinions, even if they don’t match the demands of your superiors or friends. Although the Horoscope says that you remain confident and fearless, don’t force anybody to abide by your rule.


Despite being the “king of animals,” taking time to learn new things will take you a long way this March. This will see your relationships healing this month because valuable insight is achieved by looking at things from a different perspective. Leo should realize that in life, every day is a learning day, a quality which makes a good leader. The March Horoscope basically encourages Leo to take time and learn new things. It’s all about listening to the heart of others, and you’ll see your lion-hearted nature lighting the way for your friends and colleagues to be better versions of themselves.

Your work area may also need some organization, and you’ll be responsible for the task at hand. Your main focus this month should be on relationships, work and sharing resources with others.


For Virgo, March will see your strictness thrown into a loop. People will pop out of nowhere, asking for your services, and diverting all your attention to their needs. This may lead to a lot of forgetfulness, especially with wallets and keys. Virgo will also be attracted to the broader society, with lots of improvisation, exotics and even eroticism. March will be a month of bold anticipation for all Virgos; it will be very challenging especially when it comes to love and traveling

Career-wise, there will be a tendency to over-committing to work, which may affect social engagements. Keeping all these in mind, March will propel you into a larger range of activities.


The monthly horoscope tells us that Libras will be running in different directions this March trying to keep the world in balance. Avoid focusing too much on making others happy because you may end up missing the gifts of personal growth. Libras simply need to restart their mental systems in March and get ready for thorough endurance tests.
While at work, deepen your roots, and let everyone benefit from your equal and fair point of view. The closest people around you may make your problems worse rather than solving them. March may seem difficult for Libra, but at the end of this month, you’ll realize that you’re stronger and more resilient than you were at the very beginning.


For Scorpio, your home will bring great comfort this March. Your children will benefit from your deep intuition and sensitivity. This is the month to play, dream and explore your intimacy levels. Scorpio, don’t allow yourself to become a captive of your fantasies and thoughts. The horoscope says that love and impulsive feelings can take before decision-making. You should avoid hasty decisions that may lead to regrets, especially in your career, long-term savings or actions that may affect others permanently. Scorpio, just remain careful, and not too careful to the extent of ignoring your love life.


Your bad days are finally over, and reflecting into your habitual behaviors will lead you nowhere. It’s time to transform and re-make yourself from inside. Take some time to find a garment that fits well with your character. This will help you to express your feelings and emotions even when silent. In March, your choice of colors may also suggest your mood. However, you’ll have an outstanding sensitivity to color shades and their combinations. This will make those around you look upon you for vision, enthusiasm, and inspiration.


Capricorn’s March horoscope urges him/her to avoid the urge of negativity during this month. Capricorns should learn to forgive and how to abandon retaliation. The world wouldn’t be better if everyone retaliated to everything, that’s why Capricorns should hug and forgive their colleagues whenever it’s possible. Somewhat mother nature will also encourage Capricorn by showing him/her a welcoming face. Career-wise, it’s time to utilize the creativity within you by letting Ideas flow like water. While you’ll always be the practical one, your life path will benefit from sharing your responsibilities. This will lighten your duties, and let you focus on generating new ideas.


You’re on a roll Aquarius, watch out for a broken tire. Despite your conservative trends, you should always trust your visions for a better future. In this third month of the year, you’ll certainly not lack courage. But you should anticipate disappointments when you least expect them. This month horoscope strongly encourages you to plan ahead and always to keep time; Excuses won’t help. When it comes to love, Aquarius will always be emotionally exhausted. Which is why you should genuinely love yourself, and freely sow seeds of love and compassion in your world.


First and foremost, Happy Birthday Pisces! This is the month to realize your dreams and develop them. Although you may encounter lots off errors that may not be pleasant at all, you’ll be sure of achieving your dreams step by step. That’s why you’ll need to keep lots of universal guidance at your fingertips. This is the time to illuminate new ideas, hold onto them dearly and don’t allow the present reality to bring you down. Your belief will make miracles happen. While you’ve spent lots of time playing the victim game, it’s time to realize that complaining won’t get you anywhere.

Relationship wise, Pisces will be ideal objects for seduction this third month of the year. You will see your love-life and affections flourishing discreetly, and all your love fantasies will start taking concrete form, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself soaked in a very pleasant romantic climate.

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